Getting Started
Step One. Send these with your order.

1. Your completed Rent-to-Own Worksheet.*

2. Driver’s license.* Copy in color (preferred) or enlarge and copy in b&w.

3. Signed Landlord Release or Opt-Out.* Customers who own sign on the Opt-Out line. Customers who rent must have their landlord fill in and sign. Send in the completed form.

4. Down payment.* If paid by personal check, add 10 days to production/delivery.

Step Two. Return the Rental Agreement.

In a few days you will receive a Rental Agreement* by mail. Review, sign and return it.

After three years of making regular monthly payments, you own your barn!

*All documents are required before a building will be delivered. 


This is a fabulous program:

• No credit check and no reduction of your credit worthiness

• Super-short month-to-month contract – renew by paying the rent, return the building or buy it out early

• No early termination fee (though you are responsible for pickup costs)

• No buyout fees and half of rent payments are applied to the original cash price

• Only one month down and $200 security deposit

Sorry, this offer is not for all barns. Only factory-built barns qualify.

Rent-to-Own is managed by RentOwn, a leasing company that handles all administration and paperwork. 

The customer must make monthly payments and maintain the property in good shape during the rental period.